Project 1 Proposal

Post Your Plans for Project 1

Please pitch your plan for Project 1 by 11:55 PM Friday by writing a short message on the forums:

  1. Conversation bubbles, as from a comic strip (indicating forum activities)Go to the Project 1: Professional Biography Statement board in the forums, and start a new topic. Give the topic your name or your username to help keep things organized. For instance, if I were setting up a new topic, I would name it “Traci’s Bio Statement” or perhaps “Tengrrl’s Bio.”

  2. In your new topic, do the following:
    • Identify the audience(s) and purpose(s) you have chosen for Project 1. Be sure to answer these questions:
      • What company or organization are you writing for?
      • Who will read your bio?
      • Where will it be published? (e.g., on a website, in a staff newsletter, and so on)
    • Give us enough information on your plans to understand what you are going to write about.
    • If you have any questions about your plan, include them in your post.

  3. Once you have posted about your plan in the forums, read the plans of at least two of your classmates and add a reply with advice and encouragement.
    • Find one post that no other student has replied to (so that we can be sure everyone gets a reply).
    • Find a second post that has only one other student reply.
    • I will reply to everyone by the end of the weekend. Do not count my replies when you are looking for a post that no student has replied to.



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