Project 4 Progress Report

You will post your progress report in the forums here by 11:55 PM on Tuesday, August 4, following these instructions:

  1. Write a progress report (1 to 2 single-spaced pages) that outlines what you have completed, what work you still have to do, and how you plan to complete the remaining work for the project. You can work in any word processor and copy your text to the forums. Outline any questions or concerns you have that may affect your progress. Use headings and design to make your report easy to read and understand. Here are three examples:

    Also see pp. 302–311 in Markel for another example and additional information on writing your report, including alternate ways to organize your report and suggestions for what to include in your concluding paragraph. Pay particular attention to the notes on ethics and being honest in how you report your progress.

  2. Go to the Progress Reports for Project 4 forum, and create a new topic.
  3. Add a strong subject line that will differentiate your report from everyone else’s.
  4. Add your progress report to the body (copy and paste it over).
  5. Use the formatting buttons to make your headings and design visually effective.
  6. Submit your progress report to turn it in.


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