Genre Analysis Examples

As you begin work on your Genre Analysis Project, you can use these three examples to guide your work.

Limited Access

I am limiting access to these examples to students in this class, since they were not written for classes I teach. You will have to log into Scholar to get to these documents.

To access the files, go to the Resources Folder in our Scholar site, and download the three files:

  • GenreAnalysisReport1.pdf
  • GenreAnalysisReport2.pdf
  • GenreAnalysisReport3.pdf

Using the Examples

These examples were written in different situations. One is a collaborative report. The others were written for another, parallel professional writing course. While the writing situations are slightly different for the students involved, they are all writing for the same assignment you are using. Don’t let the slight differences throw you off.

Future Examples

I am hoping to use some of your reports as examples for classes in the future. I will ask for your permission during the last week of class.


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