Peer Review for Project 4

This is the post for Friday and Monday, August 7 and 10, 2015.

Because Project 4 is a larger project, I have opened up peer review on Friday, so that those of you who want more time can complete your peer review and revision during the weekend. Details are below.

Readings for August 7 & 10

For this week, please review the following, as necessary:

Work for August 7 & 10

  • Complete the peer review activities (full instructions):
    • Post the share link to your draft for Project 4 in the forums by 9 AM on Monday, 8/10. You may post earlier.
    • Respond to two students in the forums by 11:55 PM on Tuesday, 8/11.
    • Revise your Project based on the feedback.
  • You will submit the share link to your project along with your transmittal memo on Tuesday, 8/11. Remember that you have a two-day grace period if you need an extension. We begin Project 5 (the final) on Wednesday.


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